Thinkering unSymposium – 18/06/16

This event explores the theme of t(h)inkering—a practice that brings together tinkering and thinking—in the contexts of living coding, hardware hacking, the maker movement, media archaeology and design.

This unSymposium is made up of 3 workshops that will run simultaneously (more information about each can be found when you click on the register button):

  • Matter, Vibration & Transduction – Explorations into the physicality of sound by Morten Riis (DK)
  • Collective Thinking Through Live Coding by Shelly Knotts (UK)
  • The Collaborative Instrument: Working with Modular Hardware by David Bessell (UK)

How can working with, making, reflecting on, subverting and performing with tools and materials inspire new perspectives and approaches to knowledge? Thinkering raises issues around doing-it- yourself (DIY) versus doing-it- with-others (DIWO); ecology and obsolescence; and the tensions between signs and signals; aesthetics and tools, ontology and epistemology.

If thinkering suggests new ways of approaching knowledge, practice-based research, art and aesthetics, it also upends assumptions about academia as a gate-keeper of knowledge, pointing to the proliferation of maker/hacker labs, workshops and vernacular engagement with tools and materials. What can thinkering tell us about the world?


WHEN: Saturday, 18 June 2016 from 10:00 to 19:30 (BST)

WHERE: Ocean Studios – The Factory Cooperage Royal William Yard, Plymouth, PL1 3RP

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