WORKSHOP#7 ~~ Holography and Video Jammin’ – 09/06/15

This workshop covered two areas of practice / research. Firstly, Arlinda Henderson showed her current research on Holography and this was then followed by a lively video jam led by Shaun Lewin using his recent Max/MSP & Jitter patch to manipulate material from YouTube.

Arlinda Henderson:

IMG_20150609_181756 IMG_20150609_180436

Holographic space and open sourced temporality: an exploration of the means of transitory interference in art practice. Arlinda’s research explores holography as an art medium for its non-hierarchical surface and the quality of interference inherent to the holographic process, to inspire a new perception of reality and a means to question prescriptive social ordering.

Shaun Lewin:

IMG_20150609_183146 IMG_20150609_183551

One of the great frustrations of web 2.0 is the chunks of sponsored material that stand between me and a continuous flow of semi curated images and sounds. I’ve decided to extract some positive value from the monetising of my attention span by transforming these well funded productions into raw material for my own largely unfunded work. In the Hotwire session I’ll be sharing some MaxMsp patches, perhaps a standalone video mixer that doesn’t require an additional software,some tips on getting adverts off youtube and YOUTUBE’S TOP TEN ADVERTS OF 2014!!!! If it all goes to plan we can have a multi projector video jam.

IMG_20150609_193047 IMG_20150609_193130 IMG_20150609_185530 IMG_20150609_184312 IMG_20150609_184306 IMG_20150609_183613

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